Aberdeen Street from 144th Avenue to 145th Avenue

Lead Engineer: Cindy Adriaens, Project Engineer
E-mail: cadriaens@rfcengineering.com
(763) 862 - 8000

The General Contractor is North Pine Aggregate and the contacts are:

Brent Jensen 612-770-6681
Keith Herman 612-290-0157

Construction Schedule
Approved Plans

10/29/20: The majority of the project has been completed. Turf establishment and punch list itmes will be reviewed in the spring.

9/14/20: Road closures have been postponed to minimize inconvenience. When road closures are determined, Resident Notices will be sent one week in advance of closures.

8/31/20: Notice regarding road closures mailed out to residents. Road Closure notice can be viewed here Road Closure Notice and Map.

8/28/20: Site grading is on-going between 144th Avenue and 145th Avenue. Grading will continue for the next several weeks with trucks hauling in and out intermittently during this time. The box culvert is scheduled to be installed beginning September 1st with removals and storm sewer to follow. Paving is on schedule to begin in September. Road closures for 144th Avenue and 145th Avenue are scheduled for September 8th. Resident notices with detour maps will be sent a week prior to closures.

6/9/20: Site grading is underway north of 144th Avenue. Grading will continue for the next 5 weeks with trucks hauling in and out intermittently during this time. Removals are scheduled for the second week in July, storm sewer is scheduled to begin mid-August and paving is scheduled to begin in September.

6/1/20: Clearing and grubbing is underway. Silt fence is completed. Sign, mailbox, culvert, bituminous and curbing removals are to begin soon.

3/4/20: Construction is scheduled to begin as early at March 10th. A resident notice was sent out today which can also be viewed by clicking Resident Notice.

2/3/20: North Pine Aggregate, Inc. was awarded the bid for the construction project.

1/15/20: Bids will be opened at 10:00am.

12/17/19: The Advertisement for Bids was advertised in Star Tribune and on QuestCDN.com.

12/16/19: City Council approved plans and authorized the advertisement for bids.


The above information will be maintained as up to date as possible.